The documents necessary to sell gold
You must have a valid identity document with you and also the tax code. These documents are used to certify your age and to enter your personal data in a special register, created to put an end to all illegal acts. The data of the goods sold are also reported on this register.

10 days off and right of withdrawal
All goods sold to stores buy gold must remain in store for a period of 10 days. This period is useful for the authorities who can do all the relevant findings, but also for the customers who can, in this period of time, change their mind and buy back their goods. A rethinking is therefore always possible.

All precious goods are weighed and an evaluation is offered based on the current market quotation, which varies day by day. This with regard to precious materials, as regards diamonds and stones, the subject changes. In fact, other elements come into play in the evaluation. In these cases, in fact, everything revolves around the quality of these stones, the purity, the cut. Remember that the evaluation that is offered by the buy gold must always be free and without obligation, otherwise it is a real scam.

Payment – You can not think of going out of a gold with the wallet full of cash money because the Italian law provides that only payments under € 1000 can be made in cash. For higher numbers, payment will be made by bank or circular check or by bank transfer. The sale is between individuals, is therefore completely exempt from both VAT and taxes.

The fate of gold
At this point your assets have been sold and you have managed to get a little extra money, but what happens to all the precious goods purchased from the gold? All the gold bought from the gold is sent to a company specialized in its refining, in this way it is possible to create 99.9% pure gold bars that can be placed on the international market again.

The journey of gold from your hands to the refining in gold bars is quite long and tortuous, but it is not a path as difficult as it might seem at first. The necessary bureaucracy is indeed very slim and flowing and everything else happens completely automatically.

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