Gold and silver are two precious metals that are easily monetized and in the long run maintain their purchasing power; 

Silver does not have the gold price, it has a significantly lower value. the first is estimated at 35 thousand euros per kilo, while for the latter it reaches 5 thousand euros per kilo. At the time of our grandparents and great-grandparents, silver was used much more than now. Cutlery, tea sets, vases and chandeliers were found in every home. Like gold and other precious metals, even the price of silver is set by the markets with a value per gram that refers to pure silver. On the market it is difficult to find pure silver because it is combined with other metals to be worked. The purity of silver indicates how much of pure silver we find in metal, so pure silver is indicated with 999/100.

Very common on the market is the 925 silver which is used for jewelry, cutlery, furnishing items such as frames, trays or knick-knacks. Silver 800 is also quite common, while commemorative coins are made of 900 silver.

With the crisis that is raging more and more I buy gold that also accept silver, people need money and in these moments that the business of buying gold takes hold.

The evaluation of the silver used takes into account the amount of pure silver actually present in the alloy, as well as the stock market price of silver.

In the compendium Menditti Raffaele you can get a precise evaluation, free and without obligation. each evaluation has a limited validity over time as the value of silver is established by the markets.

Silver fixing varies daily and is established daily in two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

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