When we have decided to sell our gold we can make a good estimate of the amount of gold we have and therefore a rough estimate of the value in euros.

Gold in its pure state is too soft to use as a raw material for jewelry, then it is melted with other metals; for this we must discover the quantity of pure gold present in the object to understand its actual value.

The first thing to know to make the assessment is to understand if our gold is true or false, then we will try to understand the amount of pure gold present. There are several ways to find out.

The stamp
The stamp is a number engraved on our jewel surrounded by a diamond that indicates the amount of gold present in the object, the unit of measure is expressed in carats or fineness.
With a magnifying glass look for the official stamp, which is placed in an area of ​​the jewel that is not to the eye. There must also be the trademark: a rectangle with letters inside it.
In this way we understand if the object is made of gold and how precious metal is present inside it.

Caution!! Obviously this method does not elude scams, in fact there could be fakes that have the stamp as the original. The safest system is to come to my store (or any other "gold compiler") and receive the free and scientific evaluation of your gold. Do not hesitate to contact me ( Macerata – Ancona ) to agree.

Test with the magnet
Gold, silver and platinum are not magnetic.
Even if the precious metal were fused with other magnetic metals, their percentage should not be enough to attract the magnet to itself.
So you pass a very simple magnet over your valuables, if you are not attracted the probability that the metal is gold is very high.

Nitric acid test
A more extreme and difficult test at home, is to drop a drop of nitric acid (a corrosive acid) on the jewel.
If the drop remains as it is, the test indicates it is gold. Otherwise, the metal in question will begin to "fry" and become green and give off a bad smell. Be careful not to drop the acid on your skin!

There are gold evaluation kits available on the internet.
Rosaria Buy Gold is waiting for you in its stores for a free evaluation and where it is necessary to do the nitric acid test. Presenting the voucher you will receive 3% more.

Very simply: just go to a "buy gold", if you pay means that gold is true, otherwise no ^ _ ^.
However beware: if your "gold" is evaluated as false, obviously you do not have to leave it to buy gold.

In our stores, however, you do not run any risk: we always operate with seriousness, ethics and discretion. If you want a free evaluation without obligation, do not hesitate to contact me ( Macerata – Ancona ) to get along.

Weigh the gold
Now that we have discovered that our gold is true, we can weigh it on a scale. Obviously with a common scale the weight will not be precise, so we can make a rough estimate. In our buy gold we have certified scales, to be able to weigh the gold with the highest precision and then give an impeccable service.
Once the jewel has been weighed, the weight of any precious stones must be subtracted from the total. The most common are the small ones that weigh 0.02g each. Multiply this number by the number of stones and subtract from the total.
In the end, the total value must be calculated by applying the gold price based on the object's caliber.
To better understand, let's see how the units of measurement related to gold work: carats and fineness.

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